The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried is loosely based on the book by Tim O’Brien and offers a glimpse into veterans’ personal experiences of war. Working in conjunction with local veterans groups, the stories of Orange County veterans are gathered and told through the personal objects they carried into conflict. Some stories from the book The Things They Carried will be added to the exhibition and members of the community will be invited to share their experiences as well, especially veterans from the Gulf War. The exhibition will consist of the objects that individual veterans carried with them as well as film, audio, photography, text and art.

The SAAAB Story

The SAAAB Story exhibition celebrates the history of the flight training center, its contribution to the war effort, the airmen that served here and its role in the development of the growth of Orange County through film, photographs, maps, oral histories, works of art, and ephemera.

The Medal of Honor Plaza and Orange County Walk of Honor

The Medal of Honor Plaza and Orange County Walk of Honor are tributes to veterans from Orange County who received the highest honors that the United State government bestows for acts of valor and heroism. There are 28 plaques celebrating the stories of these veterans; 11 received the Medal of Honor. These plaques are arranged on pillars that surround the Medal of Honor Plaza. There are 17 plaques lining the Orange County Walk of Honor that include veterans that have received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Force Cross and the Navy Cross.

Each side of the five-sided pillar at the entrance of the Medal of Honor Plaza has a plaque commemorating the following:

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War (all Orange County residents who lost their lives in the war)
  • Iraq War

AMVETS (American Veterans) commissioned the plaques in 1988. They were installed at the Civic Center in Santa Ana until they were removed in 2016 and brought to Heroes Hall at the OC Fair & Event Center. Names are added as new information becomes available.